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Sons of Shadow (2008)

Sons of Shadow Written & Directed by
Tyler Williams

Produced by
Barry Cheong
Tyler Williams

Executive Producer
Claude Limberger


Genre: Action / Drama

When the leader of a modern day team of stealth assassins mysteriously dies, his two sons fight to take his place and wind up splitting the team into warring factions. 



  Richard Silang Shiro
Tyler Williams Tyler Williams Kai
Paulina Berger Paulina Berger Lina Estrada
Trevor Yeh Trevor Yeh Keung
Emerson Wong Emerson Wong T.K.
  Krystle Tabujara Narua

Jason Nepomuceno

Leon Aureus

Leon Aureus

Claude Limberger Claude Limberger Robert Garrick
  Michael Mahabir Kayden
  Martin Surmacewicz Brakus
  Christopher Bernaerts Katsu
  Darrell Faria Thomas Dentworth
  David Planche Adrian Paulson
  Kevin Reid Jonathan Rathburn
  Erick Mayen Dario Guevara
  Natalie Cocuzolli Amanda Guevara
  Male news reporter Tyler Grendus
  Female news reporter Michele Williams
  Bartender Kimberly Nojadera
  Conor Gomez Security Guard
  Steven Harrison Security Guard
  John Popalis Security Guard
  Christopher McDougall Security Guard
  Maciek Drozdzik Roland Greco Security Guard



Produced in association with Pug Enterprises
Executive Producer Claude Limberger
Fight Choreographer /
Stunt Co-ordinator
Tyler Williams

Assistant choreographers

Richard Silang
Trevor Yeh
Emerson Wong

First Assistant Director
John Popalis
Second Assistant Director M. "Dok" Stevens
Picture Editor
Tyler Williams
Sound Design
Tyler Williams
Casey Yugo
Original Music
Gord Light
Greg Wilkinson
Brian Lyster
Additional Music

Triz Remedios
Alex Punzalan


Technical Information:

Running Time:  86min
Production Format: DV
Color Format: Colour


Awards / Achievements:

Had it's premiere screening at Toronto's Bloor Cinema on March 9th, 2008.


Interesting Facts:

From concept to completion, the film took Tyler Williams seven years to produce.
The film's budget was approximately $10,000.